API access to sports data with the SDQL

UFC Sports Data Query Language Access.


GimmeTheDog Games Parameters:
_t, age, body strike attempts, body strikes, clinch strike attempts, clinch strikes, control time, corner, date, distance strike attempts, distance strikes, draws, fight time, fight type, fighter, format, ground strike attempts, ground strikes, head strike attempts, head strikes, height, knockdowns, knockouts, last round, last round time, leg strike attempts, leg strikes, line, line 365, line 5d, line br, line ce, line dk, line fd, line mgm, location, longest win streak, losses, majority decisions, method, opponents, points, reach, referee, rest, reversals, rounds, significant strike attempts, significant strikes, split decisions, stance, stoppages, streak, submission attempts, submissions, takedown attempts, takedowns, team, title fight, title rounds, total fight time, total rounds, total rounds fought, total strike attempts, total strikes, total time, total time fought, total title fights, unanimous decisions, weight, weight class, winner, wins, year
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